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Elevate Patient Care with Nonius TV: Interactive Food Menus & Dietary Advice

By 10 July 2024News, Product
This new feature empowers patients to make informed dietary choices and promote healthy eating habits, enhancing your hospital’s food services and patient experience.

In today’s healthcare landscape, patient well-being extends beyond medical treatment. At Nonius, we are committed to revolutionising patient care with Nonius Interactive TV, specially designed for Healthcare facilities. Through interactive food menus, patients can select their meals, fostering autonomy and dignity. By integrating with hospital dietary services, Nonius TV reduces food waste and optimises resource utilisation, promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Interactive Food Menus

Empower your patients by allowing them to choose their meals with interactive food menus. This feature respects dietary preferences and restrictions, reduces food waste, and fosters a sense of autonomy and dignity during their hospital stay.

Nutrition Education

Provide patients with the knowledge they need to make informed dietary choices. Nonius TV offers a seamless platform for delivering nutritional information and healthy eating advice directly through the TV interface, helping patients take charge of their health.

Enhanced Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Boost patient engagement and satisfaction with a user-friendly interface that provides easy access to food menus and health advice. Patients appreciate the control over their meal choices, fostering a positive hospital experience.

Customised Meal Plans

Leverage Nonius TV to create personalised meal plans tailored to each patient’s nutritional needs. This not only ensures that patients receive the nourishment they require, but also optimises resource utilisation and promotes sustainability.

Promotion of Healthy Eating Habits

Reinforce the importance of healthy eating habits by delivering tips, recipes, and wellness advice. Patients can benefit from this guidance, helping them maintain their health and well-being during their hospitalisation.

Integration with Dietary Services

Streamline your hospital’s dietary services by integrating Nonius TV. Efficient communication and coordination reduce excess food production, minimise waste, and contribute to environmental sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Health Advice and Wellness Tips

Deliver practical health advice covering portion control, hydration, and chronic condition management. Empower patients with knowledge that enhances their overall well-being and resilience during recovery.

Ready to transform your hospital’s dining experience and enhance patient care? Contact us today to learn more about how Nonius TV can benefit your facility.

“Our experience with Nonius TV in healthcare facilities has been transformative. The introduction of interactive menus has provided patients with a renewed sense of autonomy and dignity, allowing them to choose their meals according to their preferences and dietary needs. This feature improves not only reduced food waste but also significantly improved patient satisfaction with food services. Additionally, Nonius TV offers an effective means for nutritional education, delivering essential information and healthy eating advice directly through the TV interface. This empowers patients to make more informed dietary choices and take control of their health during their stay. The customization of meal plans has been another major advantage, ensuring that each patient receives nutrition tailored to their specific needs while promoting sustainability and resource efficiency. The positive feedback from patients regarding the control over their meal choices and the easy access to health tips and wellness advice is extraordinary. The integration of Nonius TV with dietary services has improved communication and coordination, resulting in more precise food production and reduced waste. I see Nonius TV with this feature in any healthcare institution looking to enhance patient experience and promote healthy eating habits in an innovative and sustainable way.”

Ricardo SoaresDirector of Nonius Healthcare Unit