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Transforming Patient Experience with Nonius TV on Specialised Healthcare TV Sets

By 12 June 2024News, Product
Nonius TV intuitive interface and touch key functionality enable seamless navigation and interaction, enhancing patient engagement and empowerment.

We are excited to introduce the latest innovation in patient care technology from Nonius Healthcare: Nonius TV on specialised healthcare TV sets. Partnering with Philips, we have integrated touch keys to create an intuitive, interactive, and personalised experience for patients, enhancing both comfort and satisfaction in healthcare settings.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Nonius TV transforms the traditional TV experience into an interactive and personalised platform tailored to the needs of patients. With the new touch key functionality, patients can easily navigate through the interface to access relevant content, from educational resources to entertainment options. This seamless interaction not only enhances patient engagement but also empowers them to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

Empowering Patient Control

In a hospital environment, patients often find themselves in a fragile position with limited control over their circumstances. Nonius TV changes this dynamic by giving patients some control over their experience. With features such as food choice options, patients can have a say in their meals, adding a sense of normalcy and comfort during their stay. Additionally, for patients who may not be able to pick up and hold a phone or tablet, the intuitive touch key functionality offers an accessible alternative, ensuring they can still interact with the content they need and enjoy.

Interactive Education and Entertainment

Nonius TV offers patients access to a wide range of educational resources, entertainment options, and communication tools directly from their hospital room TV. Patients can watch educational videos, access health information, or enjoy various entertainment content to pass the time during their stay. This feature helps in reducing anxiety and boredom, contributing to a more positive hospital experience.

Streamlined Workflow for Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare facilities, Nonius TV is a game-changer. It streamlines workflow processes and improves communication with patients. Healthcare professionals can efficiently deliver important information, instructions, and updates to patients through the interactive TV interface, reducing the need for manual interventions. This enhanced communication ensures that patients are well-informed and engaged, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Proper Cleaning and Hygiene

Proper cleaning of Philips TVs in hospital environments is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of infections. Regular and thorough cleaning of these TV sets is critical for infection prevention, patient safety, and creating a welcoming environment. Adhering to stringent cleaning protocols ensures that patients can safely enjoy the benefits of Nonius TV without compromising on health standards. 

Experience the future of patient care with Nonius TV! For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

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“The importance of entertainment in everyday life is great, even more so when we are talking about an individual who is unable to carry out their daily lives. The entertainment system present in a patient's room is not only limited to recreational features, but also as a means of transmitting knowledge to the patient and visitors, not forgetting the clinical staff who have a support tool in each room. In a hospital environment, care in surface disinfection extends to all equipment. At Nonius this mindset was not neglected, looking for the best hardware solution that can guarantee an excellent experience in our solutions with complete safety for the patient and clinical staff.”

Ricardo SoaresDirector of Nonius Healthcare Unit